Tarot Is Not Set In Stone; It is Mutable.

❤Forget what the Tarot Card Reader says during a Love/Romance Spread! 🖤

Note: This is exactly why I do not do specific spreads such as the romantic/love spread because it can cause issues. So that is why I only stick to GENERALS. With generals, the viewer of my Tarot videos will determine for themselves if the insight shared applies to their personal or professional lives. It is NOT up to me to determine that. This is also how I eliminate problems on my end lmao 🤣🤣🤣 The beautiful thing that we are gifted with by our Creator Himself is the POWER OF FREE WILL. We have the power to step out on faith (like the Fool major arcana card in my Tarot deck) and just feel the fear and do it anyway.

The purpose of the Tarot is simply information that gives INSIGHT. It is not information that is set in stone. So if a Tarot Card reader tells you “don’t do it”, guess what, DO IT ANYWAY. Fuck them! You just never know if that Tarot Card Reader is having problems in their own love life and can’t even get their own shit together, so why listen to them? YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

You never know – you could be missing out on someone wonderful for you when you follow the advice of a Tarot Card Reader. We are not supposed to do that. We are supposed to take the info as INSIGHT so that we determine ON OUR OWN AND IN OUR OWN WAKING LIVES which next effective step to take. That’s it! That is how it works!

Remember, the Tarot is there to give INFORMATION, NOT ADVICE. And even if advice were given, it is still general info anyway.


If what you feel in your heart is true for that person, THEN GO FOR IT. Don’t let anything stop you, not even Tarot Card Readers.

Now you know why I only stick to general readings 🤣🤣🤣🤣👊✌😘

Protection Crystals: Flint

Flint stabilizes energy and cuts through to the core of issues, clearing blockages and loosening ties.  It opens portals to other worlds and hidden aspects of yourself.

Divination: Strengthen your boundaries.  Cut through confusion to the core of the matter.  Soul retrieval is necessary if you left any part of yourself in another life or an abusive childhood experience.  An unwelcome visitor from the past can be left behind; but recognize lessons before you move on.

Healing Insight: Paying attention to energetic boundaries and core strength, cutting detrimental ties and strengthening your connection to the planet maintains well-being.

Frequency: Earthy

Chakra: Earth Star and Base

Timing: Scorpio

Soul Path: Safely exploring other worlds

Credit: Judy Hall, Chapter 3, page 59 of “Using the Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle”

Protection Crystals: Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energy and affords excellent energetic protection, enhancing your physical vitality.

Divination: Strengthen your protection.  Consolidate plans and be realistic.  You’ll soon see the way through obstacles.  Ensure you are well protected.  Ill-wishing or envy may be directed your way.  Neutralize “bad” energy without harm to others.  Watch your thoughts.  Attend to practical matters.  Be generous and give others freedom.

Healing Insight: Neutralizing toxic energies from your environment, shielding yourself from ill-wishing or EMF stress and detoxifying your body supports well-being.

Frequency: Earthy

Chakra: Earth Star and Base

Timing: Capricorn

Soul Path: Appropriate energy shielding and enhancement

Credit: Judy Hall, Chapter 3, page 58 of “Using the Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle”

New Website Translator Added!

The translator is called Google Translate, also known as GTranslate.  It can be found at the top menu, and in the bottom footer of the website.

Choose which language you want to translate to from English. In some cases, you may have to refresh the page for it to change back to English, or the language that you want it to change to.

Beware of Bullies in Network Marketing/Direct Sales

I know that the whole idea of network marketing is to help other people build teams, but to be honest here I need to think about myself.  There are a lot of scamming, cult-like, bullying network marketers out there who are part of the industry and don’t know how to treat their downlines with the utmost respect.  A lot of their negative attitudes come from greed, which makes them transform into monsters.  It’s not a good look, and these people are the types that you do NOT want to work with.  I know because I’ve ran into a few assholes already and ended up blocking them on my Facebook.  Where it concerns the internet and social media, you will find A LOT of these monsters on there.  They will reveal themselves without even realizing it.  You just have to listen to your intuition/inner voice and decide whether or not you want to get involved.  (I say DON’T because these idiots are the ones who ruin people’s lives instead of help them).

Unfortunately, a lot of people are turned off by direct sales / network marketing because of the bullies who are involved in it.  It’s the bullies that make it look like a “scam”, when in reality it’s not.  I’m happy to report that I am not one of those people.  Fortunately, I joined a motor club company back in May 2018 that does not tolerate this negative behavior and I am very THANKFUL that my Upline does not bully me by rushing me to get more sales.  They let me work at my own pace, and most importantly, THEY RESPECT ME AND I RESPECT THEM.

This motor club company offers a lot of top-notch benefits other than unlimited roadside assistance.  They also offer the opportunity to become an Independent Sales Associate should you be interested in earning commissions while using their products and/or services.  They don’t force people to become Sales Associates; it is offered as an OPTION just in case.  It’s actually a privilege that the program is even available.

What happened in the past is that a lot of unethical Sales Associates marketed the opportunity wrong, which was why the commissions were lowered from $80 per sale to $35 per sale.  This change actually weeded a lot of the bullies, unethical, negative people out.  It’s good because it allows the rest of us who are NOT bullies, ARE ethical and ARE positive to market the products/services the right way.  The leaders that left were not actual leaders, they were SCAMMERS.  The real leaders are those of us who stayed with the company despite the changes.  We are still getting paid up to 90% in commissions for every sale we execute, so why leave?  Those who left weren’t really interested in the company benefits, while those of us who stayed actually believed in the benefits.  So it was good that this motor club company implemented the best business decision in order to weed out the bad business people.

Those bad business people are BULLIES.  These are the people that we all should stay away from.  If you happen to sign up with someone, and something is not sitting right with their energy, you have the right to either switch to another Upline, or leave the company.  We all want to make residual income, but it should not come at the cost of your Upline bullying you to make sales.  A lot of these bullies are interested in recruiting; they aren’t really interested in the products.

This also taught me a lesson about being very careful who I join up under.  You just never know if you are joining a crazy monster, or a respectable human being.

The “Combo” Blog. Yep, that’s what it is, LOL.

It gets interesting, trust me.

I finally figured out how I am going to maintain this blog.  It is by combining everything that I do: daily tarot messages, weekly tarot messages, food blogs, blogs about dancing, etc.  I’m still trying to work everything out, but by next week, it should be all set.  The figuring out is the fun part because it’s like a puzzle that you have to put together.  In the end, it works out perfectly.

It also looks like different categories will be created to eliminate the confusion for the readers/viewers.  Some of these posts will be in video format, not just text (I mean, text all of the time is boring, so why not change it up.  After all, I AM a Vlogger).

Yep, still posting in Spanish.  I have a lot of Spanish speakers so it’s very important that I do these in the language.

More to come.

My First Blog Post! Welcome!

Welcome to the first post!

The blog here on WordPress is where I share my YouTube vlogs.

Other interesting blogs will also be written.

Expect some more content in English and Spanish. 😉